TRIRIGA Software Selected by Benjamin West, Aerospace Concepts, and Wynn Design & Development

TRIRIGA Inc., a leading provider of business automation software for the hospitality, aerospace, and design/build industries, announced deployment of its Intelligent Business System™ (IBS) software by three different companies within the past year. Built on a unique Design to Operation™ (D2O™) methodology, TRIRIGA IBS offers an efficient platform to manage large-scale capital expenditure and construction projects, and allows organizations to centralize all facets of a project’s lifecycle, from design specifications and cost estimating, to automating RFQ/RFP and procurement processes.

Steve Wynn’s Development Group Selects TRIRIGA Software to Manage Procurement Processes of Next Generation Las Vegas Resort Property

Las Vegas–August 28, 2001: TRIRIGA Inc. today announced that Stephen Wynn’s development company, Wynn Design & Development, has selected the TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System™ (IBS) software to manage the development of a new hotel resort in Las Vegas.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Mr. Wynn’s family of companies, Wynn Design & Development handles the full-service design, development, and construction of the hotels and casinos under development by Wynn Resorts. The company will use TRIRIGA IBS to support the design specification and fixtures, furnishings, and equipment procurement phases of Wynn Resorts’ newest project, which is scheduled to break ground in Las Vegas in December.
“Technology will play a critical role in the development of our next-generation resort property, and TRIRIGA will be instrumental in helping our world-class team keep the project on track and within budget,” commented Steve Wynn, chairman.
“We are extremely excited for the TRIRIGA software to play such a critical role in the development of Steve Wynn’s newest hotel property,” said Anthony A. Marnell III, president and CEO of TRIRIGA Inc. “By offering a centralized technology platform, TRIRIGA IBS will help Wynn Design & Development seamlessly integrate procurement and purchasing activities with the design and specification process — dramatically improving communication and control among the project team.”
TRIRIGA IBS offers a suite of integrated software tools that can be used separately, or as an end-to-end system to automate, centralize, and manage each phase of the asset creation process. TRIRIGA IBS will enable Wynn Design & Development to create an intelligent database of construction specifications that will drive the procurement process. Using TRIRIGA IBS, Wynn Design & Development will be able to centrally manage these design specifications and related documents in order to facilitate and track the electronic procurement of building materials and furnishings.
TRIRIGA IBS offers a flexible interface, enabling any user to seamlessly access the database via the Internet to update and exchange relevant project information and status. For this project, more than 50 specialty design firms and approximately 300 subcontractors, along with the entire Wynn Design & Development team, will have the capability to connect to the TRIRIGA system.
“We selected TRIRIGA based on the need to implement a Web-based technology platform that could support our proven best business practices,” explained Todd Nisbet, executive vice president of Wynn Design & Development. “TRIRIGA IBS will enable us to automate key portions of our design and build procurement process, making it that much easier for our project team to accelerate the development of this new resort property.”

Aerospace Concepts Selects TRIRIGA Software to Streamline Interior Design Processes for Executive Aircraft Operations

Las Vegas–September 10, 2001: TRIRIGA Inc. today announced that Aerospace Concepts, Inc. has deployed its TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System™ (IBS) software to support their aircraft interior design operations in the US, Canada, and Japan. With TRIRIGA IBS, Aerospace Concepts will streamline communication, collaboration, and reporting among project teams, vendors, and customers — speeding the process of designing and completing executive aircraft.
TRIRIGA IBS is enabling Aerospace Concepts to develop an intelligent database of interior design specifications, which is critical to its reporting, documentation, and procurement processes. As a specialist in designing custom interiors for a range of Global Express, Gulfstream, and Dassault planes, the company is also responsible for project management of aircraft interior completions. With TRIRIGA, designers, technical directors, and completions personnel can access a collaborative workspace online, and share and exchange documents and information in real time. Customers and their design teams can also log onto the system from any browser to access the latest project status and reports via the Internet.
“TRIRIGA truly provides us with the ultimate project management tool, enabling us to standardize our reporting processes, and provide everyone involved on a project, including the customer, with central access to the most current information,” said Kevin Hoffman, president and COO of Aerospace Concepts. “This has helped us realize significant time and budget efficiencies, dramatically improve the quality our work, and deliver aircraft to customers faster.”

Hotel Industry Purchasing Group Selects TRIRIGA Software to Manage Procurement Operations

Las Vegas–December 3, 2001: TRIRIGA Inc. today announced that Benjamin West LLLP has selected its TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System™ (IBS) for Hospitality software to support its purchasing and procurement operations. One of the largest furniture, fixtures, and equipment purchasing firms in the US targeting the hotel and lodging industry, Benjamin West will use TRIRIGA IBS to manage its clients’ capital expenditure projects.
“TRIRIGA allows us to create a knowledge base for each client’s projects, which is extremely powerful and useful for ongoing capital expenditures and improvements,” explained Alan Benjamin, founder and managing partner of Benjamin West, LLLP, based in Boulder, CO. “Now everyone involved in a specific project can access the system via the Internet, regardless of where they are located, and check history, status, and issues. This is especially attractive to owners.”
TRIRIGA IBS for Hospitality is an enterprise-class software system that enables owners, designers, subcontractors, purchasing groups, and suppliers to collaborate on projects, exchange information, and automate business processes via the Internet. The system includes a suite of integrated tools and a centralized knowledge base to facilitate projects such as design collaboration, specification bidding, materials management, technical analysis, code compliance, and purchasing.
Benjamin West helps manage all types of interior furnishing and capital expenditure projects for hotel owners located throughout the United States. Projects can include managing multiple locations, which requires a broad range of logistics and coordination between owners, architects, interior designers, general contractors, project managers, and suppliers. TRIRIGA IBS allows Benjamin West to facilitate its business processes and improve its communication among team members.
“With TRIRIGA IBS’ budgeting and reporting functionality, we anticipate a 40% increase in efficiencies, since reports can be automatically produced from the specification and procurement data in the system,” added Mr. Benjamin.

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