TRIRIGA Releases New Version of FacilityCenter 8i with Expanded Functionality

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 16, 2003: TRIRIGA(R), a leading provider of facility and project management solutions that centrally manage and control capital assets, today announced a new version of its TRIRIGA FacilityCenter(R) 8i software.

FacilityCenter 8i is a highly customizable, web-based solution designed to integrate, automate, and manage real estate, facilities, and operations & maintenance processes. The new release, FacilityCenter 8i v8.2, expands the already proven solution to deliver an even wider range of functionality, from comprehensive lease management to stacking tools and planned maintenance.

Building upon a solution recognized as an industry leader and widely used by Fortune 500 companies, FacilityCenter 8i v8.2 delivers the most comprehensive and advanced facilities management system available on the market.

Some of the new features in the v8.2 release include TRIRIGA’s enhanced Planned Maintenance Management functionality, which increases a users ability to manage and track cost saving preventative maintenance. The v8.2 release also delivers the ability to pre-generate, view, and query against schedules. The system also now automatically generates work orders and begins workflows that ensure planned and preventative maintenance tasks are accomplished on schedule.

In addition, FacilityCenter 8i v8.2 offers expanded reporting capabilities – providing Excel integration for cost centers, data warehousing for third party reporting tools, and comprehensive dashboard reporting. TRIRIGA’s new dashboard reporting feature enables the creation of more than 80 charts, tables, and summary reports, all viewable on the desktop.

Space management and analysis capabilities are similarly expanded in the new release. Users can now create stacking diagrams by organization, space type, occupancy, or lease, as well as space audits that capture a snapshot of all active space records and prorate calculations in accordance with BOMA standards. Increased lease management capabilities, including automatic notification of critical dates and improved financial tracking, as well as further internationalization abilities are also among the exciting new features.

“This new release of FacilityCenter 8i gives organizations a more holistic view of their facilities,” said Roger Rittenhouse, Vice President and General Manager of TRIRIGA’s Real Estate & Facilities Division. “The expansive new features in Version 8.2 allow users to better track and manage their schedules and coordinate their people, processes, and data across the complete enterprise, improving time and cost efficiencies.”

Built on 15 years of facilities management experience, customer feedback, best practices, and industry accepted standards, FacilityCenter 8i has long been dedicated to providing responsive solutions that meet the real world needs of TRIRIGA’s customers. FacilityCenter 8i v8.2 continues with this tradition by providing powerful new features that further address the business requirements of facilities professionals and which remain flexible and customizable to an organization’s individual processes.

Availability and Upgrade Information

FacilityCenter 8i v8.2 is available today. For purchase or upgrade information, please contact TRIRIGA.


TRIRIGA is an enterprise software company providing a suite of Web-based technology solutions for corporate owners to automate, integrate, and manage the full array of Design-to-Operation(TM) (D2O(TM)) processes, from construction and capital improvement, to facility management and operations. TRIRIGA Projects(TM) 8i and FacilityCenter(R) 8i – built on the robust TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System(R) platform – have evolved over the last 15 years to enable the effective management of people, processes, and data across partners, legacy boundaries, and geographic borders. TRIRIGA’s solutions provide centralized control, improved process efficiency, and a reduction in the total cost of ownership of a company’s key assets. TRIRIGA’s solutions are currently in use at many Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. For more information, contact TRIRIGA at (702) 932-4444, or visit http://www.tririga.com.

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