TRIRIGA 8.3 Release: Innovative Functionality on an Enhanced Platform

LAS VEGAS–(Business Wire)–April 28, 2004: TRIRIGA, a leading provider of facility and project management solutions to centrally manage and control capital assets, today announced the release of the latest version of its innovative software solutions facilitating business management processes.

“This release opens up new doors for those of our customers who have been asking for additional sophisticated, Web-based Facilities and Project Management functionality to further exploit the advanced technology of our Intelligent Business System Platform(R). The integration with existing modules, as well as bi-directional links with Crystal Reports(R), Microsoft(R) Excel(TM) and the CAD environment, significantly extend the field of application for the benefit of our customers,” said Roger Rittenhouse, TRIRIGA’s executive vice president of worldwide sales and services.

The release encompasses new and enhanced functionalities to FacilityCenter 8i(R) including full bi-directional CAD Integration, Inventory Management, Key Management, Space Audits and Space Allocation, Document Management as well as enhanced Service and Asset Management processes. The TRIRIGA solution Projects 8i(TM) has been augmented a new Close-Out Manager to support project managers in the closing phase of a project.

In addition, the 8.3 product release enhances the overall visual appearance and user experience of the solutions through an improved TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System (IBS) platform, which includes a redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI), additional workflows, full Crystal Reports integration, a bi-directional link with Microsoft Excel and a new Management Console for system administrators.

New Features

CAD Integrator

The TRIRIGA 8.3 release of the CAD Integrator takes TRIRIGA’s already strong CAD and graphics interface to a new level, providing CAD tools that are bi-directionally integrated with the TRIRIGA Web environment. This integration enables users to perform facilities management tasks in either the TRIRIGA 8i Web environment or the CAD software, making graphics and visuals available throughout the enterprise. Users can make multiple changes to a CAD drawing in a single operation, automatically updating the associated objects in the FacilityCenter 8i database, eliminating time-consuming work linking drawing information to database records. Changes made in the database in turn, will update the associated CAD drawings.

Inventory Management

The new Inventory Management functionality is added to handle inventory tracking, control and distribution as well as interfaces with Self Service product requests, Service Orders and Procurement. The Inventory engine provides the capability to manage not only traditional stockroom items, such as consumables and pooled assets, but also provides distribution control for the new Key Management and Software Management modules.

Key Management

Acknowledging how important security is to most organizations, the TRIRIGA 8.3 product release adds Key Management functionality to FacilityCenter 8i. Key Management helps organizations manage and track keys, cores, and locks as well as track key security, assigned space and assignees. Key Management is fully integrated with FacilityCenter 8i’s other modules, such as Specifications, Asset Management, Request Management, Inventory Management, Work Management and Procurement, allowing keys to be tracked as assets, stock items or be subject to Service and Purchase Orders.

Space Audit and Space Allocation

The Space Audit functionality is a long sought-after tool among facilities and real estate professionals to track space allocations and costs over time. FacilityCenter 8i’s Space Audit functionality can create point-in-time snapshots of buildings and display historical use of space, facilitating comparisons of metrics for future real estate decisions. FacilityCenter 8i users can audit buildings and floors to create a log that displays allocation details, such as key allocation area and cost; a headcount summary, including total headcount, cost and area per person; as well as a Space Allocation snapshot, illustrating the prorated allocation of space to organizations and associated Space Audit Allocation History records.

Document Management

The Document Management functionality, available to all TRIRIGA users, has been enhanced to include an upload/download applet and the ability to upload multiple documents directly to a record instead of first uploading them to the database and then to the record. These time-saving improvements support document-heavy functions, such as corporate and commercial real estate, project management and procurement.

New Catalog Manager, Service Order Process and Asset Lifecycle

A new Catalog Manager allows users to define groups of products, services and requests. The grouping of items facilitates smooth Maintenance Management through clear direction of service orders to relevant staff, as well as simplifies the Procurement and Contract Management processes, providing consistent information on preferred products, services and vendors.
In addition, the 8.3 release entails expanded out-of-the-box functionality including new Self Service Requests, new Service Order, Work Tasks and Service Order Template. The new Self Service Request helps specify requests contributing to clarity and improved overview in Maintenance Management processes, whereas the new Service Order, Service Order Template and Work Tasks reduce Work Management complexity through using a generic Service Order that allows multiple Work Tasks in a single Service Order.
Additionally, the Asset Management functionality has gone through further improvement introducing a full lifecycle state family enabling users to more specifically describe the status of an asset, such as Created, Lost, Found, Under Repair and Assigned.

IBS Platform

The TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System platform (IBS) is the foundation for the FacilityCenter 8i and Projects 8i solutions, which together manage Design-through-Operation(TM) business processes. The platform has been enhanced in several areas:

  • Improved and Redesigned Graphical User Interface to maximize screen real estate and increase user friendliness
  • Business Object and Display Enhancements to make data more accessible and visible
  • Workflow Editor Enhancement through a new query task
  • Full Crystal Reports Integration leveraging the multi-faceted software to create strong, visual reports at the same time as taking advantage of the real-time data in the TRIRIGA solution
  • Performance Enhancements such as space compaction, enhanced tree control and generalized roll-ups
  • Full bi-directional integration with Microsoft Excel for enhanced financial modeling and calculations
  • New centralized Management Console allowing system administrators increased control and overview of the system, its users and licenses as well as instant access to TRIRIGA support.


TRIRIGA(R) is a software company that provides Web-based facilities and project management solutions to automate, integrate, and manage the full array of Design-through-Operation(TM) business functions, a concept that comprises all the processes related to facilities from space planning and project management, through operations and maintenance, to transaction management and lease administration. Bringing all these interrelated functions together in one powerful and highly customizable solution, TRIRIGA allows organizations to create synergies and reduce operational costs.

Based on 15 years of industry knowledge, customer feedback and best practices, TRIRIGA has developed a Web-based solution that integrates and syncs all these activities. TRIRIGA Projects(TM) 8i and FacilityCenter(R) 8i are built on the robust TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System(R) platform to enable the effective management of people, processes, and data across partners as well as legacy boundaries and geographic borders. TRIRIGA’s solutions provide centralized control, improved process efficiency and a reduction in the total cost of ownership of a company’s key assets.

TRIRIGA’s solutions are currently in use at many Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. For more information, contact TRIRIGA at 702-932-4444.

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