TRIRIGA Advances Industry And Extends IWMS Leadership With TRIRIGA WPM

Industry’s first fully integrated performance management system enables organizations to realize the full potential of IWMS by driving greater financial results from workplace operations and assets

LAS VEGAS, NV–November 5, 2007: TRIRIGA INC., the global leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), today introduced a key advancement in the IWMS industry, a performance management system that ties overall corporate strategy to the management of workplace operations and assets to both drive and demonstrate impacts to the bottom line of up to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

A suite of enterprise-class analytical applications and services, delivering industry best practices and harnessing the full power of TRIRIGA’s industry-leading IWMS solutions, the new TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management™ (WPM) system provides the insights and tools for workplace executives to align, analyze and act immediately to achieve workplace performance.

“Performance management is the natural extension and evolution in IWMS,” said Barbry McGann, Executive Vice President of Product Management for TRIRIGA. “With TRIRIGA WPM TM, we designed and developed a solution with and for our market-leading customers to achieve even greater financial value and return with IWMS.”

By providing the ability to measure and drive workplace performance, the TRIRIGA WPM system enables organizations to substantially improve both return on workplace assets and margins associated with workplace operations, increasing both profitability and shareholder value.

“TRIRIGA’s new workplace performance management system takes IWMS to a whole new level,” said Michael Bell, former Gartner VP and President of Michael A. Bell Consulting Services LLP. With several hundred pre-defined performance metrics and with the capability for user defined metrics, the TRIRIGA WPM system now provides true business intelligence and insight to workplace performance.”

“The system builds on a logical progression from strategic alignment of workplace and business strategy, analysis of workplace performance against these strategic goals; and then the ability to adjust workplace management priorities to close performance gaps revealed by the TRIRIGA WPM system. In many respects, the TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management system represents the type of industry leadership we have come to expect from the undisputed leader of Integrated Workplace Management Systems, he adds”

A suite of enterprise-class analytical applications, TRIRIGA WPM delivers business value and impacts the bottom line through:

  • Alignment of workplace operations with strategic objectives to drive business performance
  • Analysis of actual workplace performance against business objectives to manage performance
  • Actionable insights into workplace operations to achieve business performance

TRIRIGA WPM, the industry’s first performance management system fully integrated inside of the IWMS application suite, ensures access to accurate, timely information. Unlike “bolt-on” performance management modules, a fully integrated, purpose-built workplace performance management system with timely and accurate data translates into an ability to make faster and smarter decisions.

TRIRIGA WPM also includes:

  • A pre-defined TRIRIGA IWMS Balanced Scorecard TM to manage and drive the different performance perspectives of workplace management today: financial, portfolio, operational and customer satisfaction
  • An extensive set of pre-defined performance analytics, best practices and benchmarks based on TRIRIGA’s experience working with market-leading companies and industry organizations, which greatly accelerate time-to-value
  • The same leading technology and common toolset found in TRIRIGA’s operational applications to extend and configure the analytics application without coding

“Based on 20 years of experience, leading industry-standard organizations and market-leading customers, TRIRIGA delivers an IWMS Balanced Scorecard that covers the full spectrum of business performance, including: financial, operational, portfolio and customer,” said George Bouris, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP.

Pricing and Availability

The TRIRIGA WPM product suite is available now, and is comprised of five products: TRIRIGA WPM Enterprise, TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Operations, TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Facilities, TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Projects and TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Real Estate. Customer pricing for all products is available from TRIRIGA and partner sales teams.


Recognized by leading industry analysts as the best-in-class solution, TRIRIGA provides the industry’s most extensive functionality in a fully integrated IWMS solution. TRIRIGA’s extensible technology provides customers with unmatched business agility to rapidly configure and reconfigure the application based on customers’ changing needs. With an outstanding network of consultants, partners, industry experts, and market-leading customers, TRIRIGA delivers exceptional service and proven best practices.

For more information, contact TRIRIGA at (702) 932-4444 or visit http://www.tririga.com.

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