TRIRIGA Unveils New Series of Connectors to Streamline Integration of Third-Party Systems

LAS VEGAS, NV–Oct 21, 2009: TRIRIGA®, the leading provider of integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and environmental sustainability software, today announced a series of technology connectors to streamline integration of TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software and third-party systems. In addition to previous releases, new connectors are available for integrating utility bill and energy management information from AdvantageIQ™, construction cost estimating and materials pricing information from RSMeans, and visual analysis and geospatial mapping software from ESRI.

Business and IT organizations have invested significant time and expense in researching, selecting, and implementing application technology that best meet their business requirements and technology standards, but often results in silos of data and complex manual data merge. Customers will benefit from pre-defined data integrations and automated workflow processes to avoid the integration costs customers typically experience with custom built interfaces.

“Companies make significant investments in developing expertise and implementing applications to manage critical business functions,” said Kari Dimler, Executive Vice President, Products and Technology for TRIRIGA. “Our connectors significantly reduce integration costs and complexities while maintaining the flexibility to meet the ever changing business needs.”

TRIRIGA connectors for third-party systems will provide the following key benefits:

  • TRIRIGA GIS Connector for ESRI: Automated bi-directional interface between TRIRIGA and ESRI generates visual analysis of TRIRIGA workplace operations and performance. Optional “configurable” interface extends visualization using customer specific data into TRIRIGA operational applications. Executive-level performance analysis identifies operational performance exceptions in a simple, interactive geographical view to take immediate action.
  • TRIRIGA Connector for RSMeans: Prebuilt data structure and automated upload for Industry Standard facility, material and construction price data used in the TRIRIGA Estimate Manager application. Embedded analysis compares facility assessments and cost estimates to prioritize high ROI projects and fund allocation.
  • TRIRIGA Connector for AdvantageIQ™: Configurable data mapping templates and automated workflows import pre-processed energy, water, waste and recycling information from AdvantageIQ™ into TRIRIGA TREES® environmental logs. TREES identifies your carbon intensive facilities and processes, analyzes financial and environmental benefits of your sustainability investments, and automates your carbon reduction actions.


Named by foremost analyst firm AMR Research as the leader in sustainability software and top industry analysts as a leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems, TRIRIGA provides enterprise sustainability, real estate and facilities management solutions. TRIRIGA delivers the industry’s most advanced capabilities such as configurable workflow and performance analytics engines to reduce operating costs, increase return on assets and achieve sustainability goals for mid- and large-sized commercial and public enterprises, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100.

For more information, contact TRIRIGA at (702) 932-4444, or visit www.tririga.com.

TRIRIGA, WPM, TREES and TRIRIGA’s other marks and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of TRIRIGA in the United States and other countries.

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