TRIRIGA Leads Integrated Workplace Management System Market into its Next Generation

LAS VEGAS, NV–October 20, 2010: TRIRIGA INC®, a leading provider of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and environmental sustainability software, today announced the release of TRIRIGA 10™, a new version of its award-winning software that delivers streamlined application processes, new simple-to-use interface and MyTRIRIGA personalization to reduce information overload and increase user productivity.

The software helps mid- to large-sized organizations increase the effectiveness of all types of IWMS and environmental sustainability system users – occasional, process managers and executives – through pre-built IWMS processes, role-based Process Navigators and an adaptable user interface.

“With TRIRIGA 10, we invested heavily in both the user interface and user experience of our products,” said George Ahn, President and CEO of TRIRIGA. “It overcomes the principal challenges faced by organizations in the implementation of enterprise software: it reduces deployment time and training requirements to increase user adoption.”

“Quick access to a wide range of information is at the core of effective real estate and facilities management,” said Scott Dorn, Managing Director, Corporate Properties and Services Operation for General Electric, a longtime TRIRIGA customer. “TRIRIGA’s new user interface and its ability to match user information needs will help us increase user productivity. As a result of the improvements in TRIRIGA 10, we accelerated our plans to upgrade.”

Enterprise software delivers unparalleled potential for process improvement, yet the information needed to complete processes in a timely way often overwhelms users. To overcome this, TRIRIGA 10 delivers features that

  • Simplifies process assess and control: TRIRIGA Process Navigators deliver relevant content such as process-specific content, reminders and analytics across twenty-eight pre-built roles.
  • Fits personal work styles: MyTRIRIGA controls adapt portal layout and content to the needs of the user or context in which they work. My Bookmark links provide one-click access to frequently-used content.
  • Streamlines application processes: New and enhanced application processes which deliver progressive disclosure of information and integrated help text to increase user productivity. TRIRIGA Request Central™ streamlines service and product requests for occasional users.


Named by foremost analyst firm AMR Research as the leader in sustainability software and top industry analysts as a leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems, TRIRIGA provides enterprise sustainability, real estate and facilities management solutions. TRIRIGA delivers the industry’s most advanced capabilities such as configurable workflow and performance analytics engines to reduce operating costs, increase return on assets and achieve sustainability goals for mid- and large-sized commercial and public enterprises, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100.

For more information about TRIRIGA and TRIRIGA 10, contact TRIRIGA at (702) 932-4444, or visit http://www.tririga.com.

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