IV56661: TRIRIGA CI throwing errors on Smart Attach

Our CAD team is trying to upload a drawing using CAD Integrator 12.0.1, running on platform version 3.3.1 and application version 9.7. This smart attach process is throwing a lot of boundary and layer errors. For example, “Parent boundary is not valid”, “No boundary found around label”. We did not see anything wrong upon inspecting some of the objects mentioned in these labels. Also the same drawing uploaded fine when running on CI 11 on platform 3.1.7.

Their drawing is way out in space. The Y coords are in the negative two TRILLION range. When I moved the whole drawing closer to 0, that brought it down to just 4 errors (likely reasonable warnings). It’s extremely easy to move the whole drawing, so that’s the quick workaround. Just select all and move it @2146196816<90. Relocate drawing components to origin 0,0.

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