Using an attached CAD file in another environment

I have attached a CAD file, using CAD Integrator, to the production instance. Now I need to make a copy of the CAD drawing to attach it to a test environment to do some testing. When I try to attach the copy of the drawing to the test environment, the links to attach are grayed out (similar to what happens after the gross, gross, measured, spaces are attached). How do I go about attaching the copy to the test environment? Thanks in advance.

Assuming that the test environment has just been created from production and that the floor has not been changed:

  • Copy the drawing file from the production folder to a test or project folder where it cannot be easily mistaken for the master drawing.
  • From CAD Integrator, log in to the new environment (IMPORTANT) then use the AutoCAD “file open” command to open the drawing from the test folder. Do not use the “CAD Integrator” menu to open the drawing, since it will open the production file.
  • The drawing will then be attached to the new test environment. Open a record to test the URL and run a “sync” command before saving the drawing. You will then be able to open the drawing through the “CAD Integrator” menu.

We have used this many time with success. Trust this helps.

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