Failing to see layers in TRIRIGA after publishing the drawing

We are using AutoCAD 2012 and CAD Integrator 10.2 and published a drawing. It doesn’t show the layers in TRIRIGA. However, layers are set to be visible in AutoCAD level. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

[Updated 02.02.17]

I know this is an old post, but I have the same problem. Has anyone found the solution? The problem seems random. In the DWG files, I have 6 layers “on” (a-wall, a-furn, a-pocc-zone-note, a-pocc-zone, a-pocc gros-ext, and a-pocc-gros-intr). All other layers are “off”. For some reason, on a drawing, after a publication in TRIRIGA, graphic location, the a-wall layer is “off”. I can manually activate it in the Layer Manager, but it will not stay “on”. I can verify in the drawing that the layer is “on”.

It might be due to a layer configuration turning it off. For example, we ship with a layer configuration filter that turns off any layer with more than 1000 entities on it. If you are on 3.4.2 or later, there is a logging option to turn on the layer configuration filtering logic in the Admin Console > Platform Logging > Graphics Section > Drawing Objects > Layer Filters. The logging should indicate if a layer is being turned off by some layer configuration filter “rule”. At the very least, it should determine if it is a layer filter turning it off, or some other issue.

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