Working with the triPatchHelper business object

Charlie McGarvey: Often you will find you need to run utility Workflows to update data. To follow IBM’s protocol is to use the Business Object triPatchHelper. The idea is you create a Utility workflow and trigger the workflow by creating a Data Integrator file with triNameTX. The start condition for the Workflow would be triNameTX=”Fix Project Data”.

Probably like most developers, the chances of your Workflow being perfect the very first time is highly unlikely. What you will find is when you upload your subsequent data integrator files, is the workflow won’t fire. That’s because the Publish Name is triNameTX. You don’t want to change your Data Integrator file and the start condition of the workflow with each and every revision. I suggest searching and adding triControlNumberCN to the triPatchHelper Business Object. Change the Publish Name from triNameTX to the Control Number field.

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