Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA language packs?

[Updated 05.29.15]

Our IBM Knowledge Center contains several IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.2 topics about importing language packs.

[Updated 02.05.15]

There are several locations:

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Language Pack Import Tips 1: When you import a language pack for the first time, you may see exception messages in the LabelManager.log file. To eliminate the exception messages, repeat the import of the language pack. You may see persistence errors in the Translation.log file when a language pack is imported into an environment that is upgraded to 3.3 or later with the 10.3 or later object migration package applied. These errors are displayed because the field that is referenced has been removed from the existing application. You do not need to repeat the import of the language pack to correct this issue.

Language Pack Import Tips 2: Before you import the Data language pack .zip format, your application must be upgraded to the correct version, so that the system include LOCALIZABLE fields. Otherwise, if your application is not the correct version, importing the data language pack into the system might lead to unexpected results.

Language Pack Import Tips 3: You can find the language packs into the [install directory]\userfiles\LanguagePacks folder. A typical file path is “C:\Tririga\userfiles\LanguagePacks”. You must unzip the main language pack before you select the individual language pack to import. Make sure that you import the correct type of language pack in the specific interface. Say for an example, if you are in the Label Manager, you must import a label pack. If you are in the Language Manager, you must import a data pack but sometimes importing a data pack is not required if your installation is US English only.

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