Exploring the TRIRIGA user group community

[Updated 07.28.15 to add the TRIMAX Combined User Group]

[Updated 04.30.15 to add the Great Lakes Users Group]

[Updated 04.16.15 to add the Asset & FM Global Group]

Although a few of these links might be old, here’s a list of TRIRIGA user groups that might spark some FM or IWMS ideas or even inspire you to start your own TRIRIGA user group. Because why not?

  • IBM TRIRIGA Great Lakes Users Group (GLUG): This group offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with other TRIRIGA users in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota regional area, including numerous local corporate real estate, facilities management, and technical professionals. We share approaches, success stories, lessons learned, and other adventures relating to TRIRIGA. This user group is also related to the following name:
  • TRIMAX: Maximo and TRIRIGA Combined User Group (Eventbrite): “The only Maximo and TRIRIGA combined user group.” Attendees of TRIMAX can expect to hear strategies to connect to the Internet of Things, IBM Maximo and TRIRIGA product updates and roadmaps.  We’ll also have world-class presentations and panels about how organizations are improving their property, facilities, asset, and work management across various organizations. This user group conference provides a forum where participants can share knowledge and learn from other Maximo and TRIRIGA customers, business partners and IBMers. This user group is also known by the following names:
    • DC Maximo and TRIRIGA User Group: The D.C. Maximo and TRIRIGA User Group is designed to help users learn about the bigger picture of asset and facilities management, exchange experience and tips, and discuss the different aspects of working in asset management in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. [Admin: In the future, DCMUG will return to Maximo only.]
    • MidAtlantic TRIMax User Group: Combining TRIRIGA and Maximo customers, business partners and IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure for the best networking and learning event on the East Coast.
    • TUC: Federal Maximo/TRIRIGA User Group: The mission of the Maximo/TRIRIGA Federal Users Group is to provide a forum for users in the Federal space to exchange information, experiences and best practices among each other as well as with the vendor in order to maximize the value of the product for its customers.
  • TUC: Asset & Facilities Management Global Group: This global group makes it possible for individuals from many different industries and types of organizations to get to know each other, share information, and work directly with the IBM product experts.
  • IMWUC: IBM TRIRIGA UK User Group: The purpose of this group is to share information and experiences, to leverage our position with IBM/Tivoli, and to facilitate communication with IBM/Tivoli. Here are some of the benefits to joining the IBM TRIRIGA UK User Group: (1) Access to the latest product information from IBM, (2) Face-to-face user group meetings, and (3) Networking with like-minded professionals.
  • Facebook: TRIRIGA Around the World: This group is for anyone who uses or implements TRIRIGA from anywhere. This is a group moderated by Tracy Jefferson and is not an official IBM site.
  • Google: triDeveloper: This group is for general technical discussion about the TRIRIGA application platform, with a focus on integration and application development. The “triDeveloper” site and content are neither affiliated with nor sponsored by IBM.
  • LinkedIn: TRIRIGA Community: This group is intended to allow users, consultants, and people otherwise experienced with TRIRIGA IWMS software to network. NOT affiliated or endorsed by IBM or affiliated organizations.

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