Starting with facility condition assessments (FCA)

Facility management software has been available for decades; however, recent enhancements enable facility executives to extract more useful planning documents from these powerful tools. One key area of improvement is at the data capture phase: Electronic tablets are used to collect facility condition metrics efficiently and deliver the volume of data to one processing location, which saves time and reduces human input errors.

The FCA “scorecard” structures the data collection and includes a rating and a priority for virtually any aspect of a facility’s infrastructure that the team identifies as important to document. This includes, but is not limited to, structural, plumbing, electrical, exterior envelope, interior spaces, mechanical, lighting, etc. By loading the rating and severity of the problems into a tablet, and confirming the observations with existing conditions photos, the collection phase takes on a consistent structure that gives confidence to the software’s output…

There are several robust facility management software programs to choose from in the marketplace: ARCHIBUS, IBM’s TRIRIGA, and Manhattan Software are but a few. Each is different, and part of the challenge is to choose the best one for the facility’s distinct needs… Though there are clear advantages of using facility management software, the programs carry a hefty price tag. Furthermore, building data at many sites are outdated or just plain wrong. This reality increases the cost to incorporate software into a planning agenda…

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