Do you recommend any TRIRIGA performance monitoring tools?

We are planning to upgrade to the 3.4.1 platform soon and are interested in any tools that have been used for monitoring TRIRIGA performance over the different components. We are already aware of the performance monitoring available from the Admin Console but we are more interested at any tools (third party, freeware, commercial, etc…) that anyone here has used and find effective in helping to pinpoint where different components of the infrastructure are being hit hardest by certain processes, such as whether a bottleneck is at the client machine, network, database, or application server level.

We have followed recommendations set in the Performance Best Practices guide and are looking for tools to help to further tune our system, or at least determine if a bottleneck is not in our control. Any feedback from your experiences will be greatly appreciated!

Glad you’ve taken a look through the best practices! As far as end-to-end monitoring, we’ve seen others use Dynatrace as a holistic system tracing tool to help identify bottlenecks. It provides great information and can get very granular. Here’s some more info on it…

There are several tools that can do system monitoring. We don’t recommend one over another. These monitoring tools can be set up to monitor several single instance variables within TRIRIGA. In the Administrator Console, there is a Performance Monitor tab. You can pull the URLs that will retrieve the current value of your system. For example, you can set up alerts to warn you if free memory exceeds a certain threshold, or if a system has a high number of users logged in. Here are the properties we can monitor…

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3 thoughts on “Do you recommend any TRIRIGA performance monitoring tools?

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