Using preventive maintenance (PM) schedules in TRIRIGA

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is currently using the Preventive Maintenance area of TRIRIGA. Specifically in relation to setting up and using Work Procedures on PM Schedules and within Work Tasks. One of the things we are encountering, and thinking ahead to, is that when we have attached a Work Procedure to a PM Schedule, if one of the Procedure Steps within the Work Procedure needs to change or an extra step needs to be added into the procedure, changing this will not only affect active and planned tasks in the schedule, but it will also affect completed tasks in the schedule.

So for example, the new Procedure Steps that you have added into the Procedure will show in the completed Work Task forms even though those steps weren’t applicable to those tasks (if that makes sense). Ideally what we would want to do is change the Work Procedure but have it only affect the active and planned tasks in the future, not the ones in the past.

I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced the same and if you have found any clever workarounds for this, and just in general if anyone is heavily using the Preventive Maintenance section in TRIRIGA.

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