IV72994: Object path of cost codes is being corrupted

When a Project Template is applied to a Project in an environment with two or more workflow agents running, some of the created cost codes will have their Object Path corrupted in the IBS_Spec table. This corruption is visible through the System tab of the cost code where the hierarchy path will be missing all its ancestors and part of the publish name so that the path looks similar to \-99-IBM Cost code. These corrupt cost codes prevent the original budget roll up from working because the post transaction fails…

The point of running multiple workflow servers is to allow workflow processing to be done so it if fair to all users, not necessarily to increase the throughput of the number of workflows done. Adding more workflow agents to an environment may actually slow down processing, and cause undesirable results if workflows are not written with multi-threading in mind…

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.06.15 post about multiple workflow agents.]

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