What are the TRIRIGA training paths to certification?

[Updated 02.06.17]

Use this training path to see the courses you need to take to achieve a particular skill or certification. Click on the course boxes to access a course description, view its schedule, and enroll. This training path includes both TRIRIGA 10.2 and 10.3 versions which are applicable to customers seeking training on either version.


Course Name Code
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Portfolio TOS26G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Operations & Maintenance *TA510/TA511G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Capital Projects TA521G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 RE Contract Management TA531G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 RE Transaction Management *TA540/TA541G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.2 RE Environmental Sustainability *TA550G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.2 Facilities Space Management *TA560/TA561G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Facilities Strategic Facility Planning *TA570G
IBM TRIRIGA 3.3 Application Platform I TA611G
IBM TRIRIGA 3.3 Application Platform II TA701G
*Course is no longer offered

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.27.16 post about ValuD’s full IBM TRIRIGA training catalog.]

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