Displaying hatch patterns in TRIRIGA web graphics

This feature is now available with version 3.4.2.

With the original creation of Web Graphics, we attempted to also support hatching. However, it turned out that drawing the many vectors in order to render hatches resulted in a major performance penalty. The alternative was to use raster images to avoid paying the performance penalty, but this was not possible at the time due to the need to support Microsoft Silverlight (which did not include GFX raster image support) in order to render graphics section in Internet Explorer.

However, with the work put in 3.4.2 for full multi-browser “standards” support, this enabled us to render Microsoft Internet Explorer using SVG, enabling us to revisit using raster images to support this feature. As part of the this release, we delivered an enhancement to display hatch patterns in Web Graphics rendering, similar to what AutoCAD and MicroStation currently support…

[Admin: A similar article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal.]

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