Fetching Notes field data from SPEC_VALUE_NOTES

We have an integration of TRIRIGA with some third-party product. That third-party product is used for the reporting purpose. We have a few Notes fields on our BO and the requirement is to have them in a report which will be generated by that third-party product. I am aware that data from Note fields would be stored in SPEC_VALUE_NOTES table irrespective of BO. However, I’m not sure how to get data for Notes fields from the SPEC_VALUE_NOTES table using SQL. Any inputs on this would be very helpful to us. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the solution. Hope this will help others in future. Use below query:

select convert(varchar(max), convert(varbinary(max), T2.NOTE_VALUE)) FROM T_TableName T1, IBS_SPEC_VALUE_NOTES T2 where T1.SPEC_ID=T2.SPEC_ID

T_TableName is the name of the table for the base BO which contains the Note field.

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