Countering upcoming changes in the lease accounting landscape

Both the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) believe that provisions in their current lease accounting standards that require organizations to place some leases (capital leases) on the balance sheet and some lease assets off their balance sheet (operating leases) don’t represent the most accurate financial position to the users of the financial statements—for example, tax authorities, investors, creditors and so on. Thus, proposed changes in lease accounting rules add all long-term leases (operating and capital leases more than one year in length) to the balance sheets of public companies…

When evaluating lease accounting software to meet your goals, IBM lease accounting software accelerates preparedness with the new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards with pre-built spreadsheets and templates compliant with Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE) data standards for faster loading of lease information. IBM software includes the necessary financial reporting to achieve auditable lease accounting with simple-to-use, ready-made reports and financial assumption management capabilities. And it helps reduce or eliminate the need for underutilized leased assets with advanced strategic facility planning capabilities…

[Admin: Strange that the article doesn’t mention TRIRIGA by name at all.]

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