What’s new in IBM TRIRIGA 10.4.2 lease accounting?

Starting in 10.4.2, we now support Retail Calendar (ex. 4-4-5/4-5-5 Calendar setup). For Straight Line schedules and Capital/Finance schedules, we now calculate Net Rent Payment and Straight Line Expense based on a 30 Day Basis (30) and/or Actual Day Basis (Daily) which can be setup at the application settings. The new 10.4.2 lease accounting utilizes a new approach of Monthly Rate/Daily Rate which is calculated on each of the payment schedule within the Accounting Start/End Date.

This new approach is applicable for both Retail Calendar as well as Non Retail Calendar (Standard Calendar). Based on application settings, Monthly Rate or Daily Rate is used to populate the Net Rent payment for Straight Line schedules (Operating Leases) and Capital/Finance schedules (Capital or Finance Leases). In 10.4.2, we also support the partial period calculations for Straight-Line and Capital/Finance schedules. The straight-line calculation that was introduced in 10.3.2 is still supported.

View the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager: Best Practices document for information about avoiding errors with straight-line calculations and other frequently asked questions.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.29.14 post about finding information on TRIRIGA lease accounting.]

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