IV74138: Email notification dates in tables are displayed in English

This TRIRIGA issue has been identified in a French environment, where the date format is DD/MM/YYYY. The user profile and location were correct and the email notification date displayed in the abstract line of the email was also correct.

But inside the embedded table with the records waiting on user approval, the dates were in the US format, MM/DD/YYYY. That is particular confusing for days under the 12th, as they can be mistakenly taken as months. It was identified that when a notification has these tables, the HTML generated to be sent is not localizable. This issue was identified in triApproval001 but affects other notifications using embedded HTML tables. This happens for content inserted in the triApproval001 notification form, as well for tables inserted in the workflow level and that are not listed in the “Embedded Content Report”.

The context in which the associated data needed to be set to the user’s and not the systems. Reports or queries with date and date-time fields generated in any outgoing mail from the TRIRIGA application will now be formatted based on date and date-time format settings in “My Profile”.

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