Upgrading the document upload functionality with TRIRIGA 3.4.2

For releases of IBM TRIRIGA prior to 3.4.2, the process of uploading a document was performed via a Java applet can result in errors in certain situations. Most typically, changes in the client Java version could negatively impact that applet. The additional security that Oracle added to Java caused a major shift in how certain TRIRIGA functionality would be implemented in future releases. With the 3.4.2 release, the applets have been significantly reduced, including the elimination of the Java applet for document upload.

At this point you may be thinking that we have removed document uploads from the application, but that would be incorrect. The method by which we implemented this functionality has been altered significantly resulting in improved reliability of that functionality.

How do you determine if you need to upgrade to the 3.4.2 platform? If you have a subset of users trying to upload a document and who, on occasion, get an error message indicating a problem or they get a blank screen where they expect to see the upload dialog, that is a strong indicator that you might want to look at that upgrade. If ALL of your users are having problems using the document upload functionality every time they try to use it, you may have a more pressing problem, but upgrading to the 3.4.2 release may still help. If you experience intermittent issues with uploading documents, you should determine if there is a pattern to the intermittent nature. For example, if you get a blank screen the first time you attempt to upload a document and then immediately retry and get the regular document upload screen, upgrading to the 3.4.2 release would be helpful.

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