How do you retrieve image fields for TRIRIGA reporting?

How can image fields be retrieved for reporting? Similar to the way building records have image fields, we have a custom form that allows users to carry multiple images for projects. The image fields display properly on forms created by TRIRIGA, but cannot be accessed by Form Reports, Crystal Reports, Tableau or other third party reporting. We have tried a number of scenarios…

  • (1) HTML Form Reports appear to have issues rendering the tokens due to certain special characters that require HTML escape characters. However there are limited options in HTML that can exist in a Form Report for parsing out this data. And in several of the approaches we have tried, the FRONT_END_SERVER value from is automatically added to the file name, leading to malformed URLs (e.g. multiple https://yourserver values in the string).
  • (2) From Crystal, our efforts generally get as far as a relative URL (e.g. //Company-1/filexxxxx.jpg) but we are unable to render the images from the application server.

For what it’s worth, my impression is that there are some hard-coded JavaScript references that are probably outdated -‐ while the database only stores a short folder/filename string, attempts to use the data externally provide malformed URLs. It would be easier if JavaScript was supported inside TRIRIGA (HTML form reports) so that you had parsing language, but that’s not an option. We think there must be a collision between hard-coded HTML escape characters, required HTML tags, and newer settings for FRONT_END_SERVER. You end up with things like this:

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One thought on “How do you retrieve image fields for TRIRIGA reporting?

  1. Hi Jay,

    There is no straight approach to get the image display into your crystal report. But good news is it is possible. As you mentioned, the image field does store only the limited file path and that will be passed as parameter to java file to retrieve the image from Company-1 folder.


    Source: /usr/local/tririga/…./Company-1
    Target: C:/IMG/Company-1

    Step 1: Windows (RAS Server) should have full access to the files in Company-1 directory.
    Step 2: Create a target directory in Windows (RAS Server)
    Step 3: Create .bat file to COPY only new files to Target and schedule it to run every 10 mins during business hours and business days (according to your business requirement)
    Step 4: Insert default picture in your crystal report and set the graphic location formula as below:

    StringVar sFileName := {triImageIM};

    If length(sFileName) > 0 then

    Hope this helps.



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