KPMG Leasing Tool for IBM TRIRIGA

KPMG has leveraged the IBM TRIRIGA real estate management module to build the KPMG Leasing Tool, a cloud-based, pre-packaged KPMG technology solution designed to assist clients in meeting the requirements under the proposed leasing standards while facilitating the project management of such an endeavor…

The KPMG Leasing Tool for IBM TRIRIGA [see site | see video] helps companies prepare and ultimately have the capacity to adopt new leasing standards. This tool is designed to rapidly deliver a single system to assist in managing the lease accounting needs of a company to help drive operational, financial, and business performance.

With this web-based technology based in our private cloud, allowing KPMG to deliver improvements as the accounting standards evolve and maintain the overall application for a company’s use. Our application and team provides clients with a more efficient and flexible means to managing data storage, processing, and security.







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3 thoughts on “KPMG Leasing Tool for IBM TRIRIGA

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