How do you use Fiddler to trace TRIRIGA web traffic?

When using the IBM TRIRIGA product, I am experiencing an issue that might be related to the network layer and I want to trace the web traffic for troubleshooting purposes. How can I use Fiddler for that purpose? I need to trace and analyze the incoming and outcoming network package flow for my Internet Browser session while troubleshooting an issue impacting the IBM TRIRIGA product and I want to use Fiddler for this purpose.

Fiddler is a third-party tool for monitoring requests made and received by a web browser. This information is often invaluable when troubleshooting a problem with the IBM TRIRIGA product. Due to the nature of IBM TRIRIGA, an error message may not always display the true cause of the error. A Fiddler trace will help by logging all HTTP requests or responses that may have been made. Fiddler can be downloaded from the following URL…

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