Getting a mixed content security error with Esri ArcGIS

Recently came across issues with Internet Explorer warnings stating “Only secure content is displayed” and kept having to click on “Show all Content” when going to certain pages. Chrome displayed a similar warning. Pulling it up with F12 to debug shows that there are calls from TRIRIGA/Esri ArcGIS functionality to hard-coded HTTP sites. This showed up in a couple Resource Files in ClassLoader and changing the links to HTTPS resolved the issue. This was in addition to the standard TRIRIGA GIS Map and Integration Object configuration…

If you’re experiencing this outside this particular set of files, here is a reference link ( to Microsoft F12 developer tools which is helpful to find where the issue is coming from. Before making any changes, always verify there’s not a TRIRIGA configuration change required that could resolve the issue and also verify the referenced URL is actually available with HTTPS.

There were 2 resource files that needed to be modified within TRIRIGA…

  • 1. EsriJS_arcgis.js – There are 2 single lines of JavaScript and some comments in this file. One of the JavaScript lines is about 750,000 characters long, so do a find on “http:” and replace with “https:”.
  • 2. > indexOnline.htm – The indexOnline.htm file in the environment had 3 links to static resources through HTTP. Switch “http:” to “https:” for these also. Checked another environment with a newer build and there were only 2 CSS files with HTTP links in this file. So this could vary…

Additional changes…

  • 1. Base Maps – Make sure these are pointed to HTTPS instead of the default HTTP.
  • 2. Integration Object – Change the GIS Integration Object records to use HTTPS instead of the default HTTP…

[Admin: The same question is also posted in the triDeveloper Google group. This post is related to the 06.18.15 post about GIS mixed content messages.]

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