IoT: Creating a connected 11-storey building in 4 hours

Although the video doesn’t mention TRIRIGA, it reveals glimpses of TRIRIGA software in 5 separate shots. In the words of Nils J. van der Zijl, IBM IoT Europe: “We at IBM are uniquely positioned to transform this raw data into business insight, allowing you to make better, smarter, and faster decisions.”

Later, he adds: “The workplace of the future is driven by an enterprise asset, facility management, and workforce optimization solution.” In a nutshell, IBM TRIRIGA! It was nice to see the TRIRIGA name on the screen, but it would’ve been nicer to hear it too, haha. In any case, integrating TRIRIGA into IoT is pretty cool.











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3 thoughts on “IoT: Creating a connected 11-storey building in 4 hours

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