Does TRIRIGA Platform 3.4.1 support AutoCAD 2012?

What is IBM’s stance on support of AutoCAD 2012 with TRIRIGA Platform 3.4.1? When planning an upgrade, some third-party tools cannot be easily upgraded in a client environment. Knowing the answer to this question better enables project managers in developing a timeline for upgrades.

In general, if we do not call out a particular version of a third-party tool or other supporting software, it is because the application release was only tested with particular versions. While the application may work with other versions of third-party tools or other supporting software versions, the application cannot be supported unless the compatibility requirements have been met. TRIRIGA Support can only officially support the compatibility with third-party tools against which we have QA tested. We may offer support on product use as it pertains to our compatible products and that may work for other versions, but we are unable to troubleshoot items that do not work on untested platforms.

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