How do IBM TRIRIGA reports treat localized data?

I need to know how IBM TRIRIGA reports will treat localized data. How will IBM TRIRIGA localized data be treated by reports?

Similar to record runtime, the reporting engine is also enhanced to display localized values depending upon the user’s language. Fields which are not marked as localized are queried from the main table (T_ – internal value). Localized values are supported in most standard reporting use cases, such as: Report Manager, query sections in a form, and portal sections. Localized values are not supported in some cases such as: Query Task in a workflow, query used in formula evaluation, and BusinessConnect. A new flag called Localize is available for system filters to determine if the report needs to filter against the language of the user who is running the report. In the Report Manager > Community Reports, a new column is added to show the language in which the report was initially created.

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.20.15 post about the rules for showing localized data in reports, and the 09.20.15 post about reports and system filters.]

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