CFI and Tradeline 2015 events recap

Last week, CFI and IWMS‬ advocate (and CFI client) ‪Teradyne‬ Corporation were proud presenters at both Tradeline Space Strategies and Tradeline Facility Strategies for Academic Medical & Health Science Centers conferences.

These annual events detail industry trends and cutting edge strategies organizations are leveraging to reduce occupancy costs, increase quality and accessibility of space and occupancy data, improve space utilization, modernize existing facilities, formulate new capital projects, align programs and physical assets, create new collaborative learning and work environments, lower operational costs and much more…

  • Space Software Solutions Survey: The Pros and the Cons of IWMS in Today’s Market: In this session (presented at both events), CFI advisory professionals Kevin Garry and Mayu Roy examine the latest and greatest in space management solutions and how these systems deliver value to organizations by optimizing the use of workplace resources, including the management of real estate portfolios, infrastructure, and facilities assets. They enumerate key benefits of leading Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) including access to real time “decision quality” information, optimization of RE/FM assets and resources, centralized RE/FM information, streamlined organizational processes, reduced IT costs, and more…

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