Planon: To measure is to know… nothing!

In the field of Facility and Real Estate Management, I have also come across many statements about facility costs per workplace, occupancy rates of space, maintenance costs per building, m2 per fte, and many more. Whether these statements were based on good data and consistent measurements, I don’t know. What I do know is that – again – without a point of reference by which the numbers can be measured, they are worthless.

Fortunately, in the FM and RE industry there is an increasing number of standards available, such as BOMA, EN15221, ISO, OSCRE, FASB, or LEED. Standards provide a method for measuring and comparing performance. Local and global initiatives such as the Netherlands Facility Costs Index (NFC), CoreNets’ global real estate benchmark BenchCoRE, IFMA’s green initiative with Energy Star, or Leesman’s workplace effectiveness standard (Lmi) allow Facility and Real Estate Managers to compare their measured data with other organisations within the same industry. This truly transforms measured data into actionable information and knowledge that supports senior management in making the right decisions and taking the right actions to achieve the business goals.

It all starts with correct and consistent measuring and transferring operational data into comparable information by making use of the standards available. Once you have the basics in place, compare yourself with your peers and act on the findings. If you don’t act, your CFO will. But probably not in your department’s best interest.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.03.16 post by Planon about real estate benchmarking.]

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