Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA process flow diagrams?

[Updated 07.28.17 to add 10.5.x Service fulfillment (detailed) and 10.5.x Capital projects. Updated 12.17.16 to add 10.5.x Reservation (detailed) and 10.5.x Maintenance and service (detailed). Updated 09.06.16 to add 10.5.x Managing portfolio data. Updated 06.11.16 to add 10.4.x IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere.]

Have you ever wondered where you can find all of the TRIRIGA process flow diagrams in the IBM Knowledge Center? Or if a TRIRIGA post existed that listed them conveniently all in one place? Well, now you don’t have to wonder or worry any longer. I’ve done my best to list all of the flowcharts and diagrams that I can find or remember in the Knowledge Center, in the latest versions of IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.x and 3.5.x. But if you find any that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA process flow diagrams?

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  4. Are there any process maps for Capital Projects?


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