Resolving the “You do not have permission” error message

If you are a TRIRIGA user creating a service request record that goes through the approval workflow, but the approver sends it back requesting clarification, you may receive an error message saying, “You do not have permission to access this page. Please contact your TRIRIGA administrator. Thank you.” This may happen when you are only assigned the “TRIRIGA Request Central” license.

If this is the case and the Security Group setup allows that, you can successfully create the service request record that will go through the approval workflow, and that license will allow the action “Notification”. But if the record is sent back by the approver for clarification, this will require access to the action “Item Record Type” (WorkFlowActionItem) and that license does not provide that by design.

Here is a list of the IBM TRIRIGA licenses providing access to the action “Item Record Type” WorkFlowActionItem… The solution for that error will be adding any one of the licenses above to the requester user, so that it is possible to process the WorkFlowActionItem action properly by design. The rest of security will rely on the Security Group setup for that user, so you can restrict access to any BO or form according to your business needs and requirements.

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