Planon: Using an IWMS solution to improve fleet management

Managing a fleet of an important size can easily become a complicated and time-consuming task. Commercial vehicles often represent a substantial economic value for businesses. With an IWMS solution, managing purchased, leased or rented company vehicles, commercial vehicles, wheeled equipment or two-wheelers becomes a lot easier. But what signs indicate it’s time to start using an IWMS solution for fleet management?

  • 1. Outlook is no longer adequate: You can set up reminders for major and minor servicing and when leasing contracts are about to expire…
  • 2. Excel is no longer adequate: The same issue happens with Excel. It is easy to create an overview of all the assets, but the functionality is certainly limited…
  • 3. Fleet management across departments: A number of departments are involved in managing the fleet…
  • 4. It is too much work: There’s a lot involved in fleet management: contracts, insurance, depreciation or write-offs, usage, fuel consumption, tax issues, maintenance, damage and durability…
  • 5. There is no overview: Using an IWMS software for your fleet management makes it easy to get an overview of the current fleet and to check its history…

[Admin: To clarify, this post comes from the Planon IWMS website, not a TRIRIGA website. Although IBM TRIRIGA doesn’t have an official fleet management solution, the IBM Maximo for Transportation solution is available.] 

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