Processing thousands of workflow events in TRIRIGA

If you have developed an interface submitting thousands of workflow events to be executed by your process server, they will likely create a huge queue to be processed. This will likely lead to the required and essential user and system workflows to get queued up as well, waiting for those events to be processed. At this point, your system will get stuck, with sessions waiting for the required workflows to run.

Ideally, you should submit such workflow events in “chunks” or small batches, so that the system is not impacted with lots of workflows being queued up and waiting for processing to finish. If it is too late, and you have submitted those thousands of records already, this may take a long time to process. It may take hours or even days depending on the quantity, complexity, and system resources available.

The current count of workflow events can be confirmed by checking the “Admin Console” > “Workflow Events” managed object page. You may have an idea of how much time all those queued workflow events and recently added ones (user and system) will take to process by checking that regularly and taking notes of how many records have been moved out from the queue (number of events queued up, trend).

To manage this situation properly, review the following actions:

  • Make sure you have the IBM TRIRIGA Best Practices for System Performance recommendations in place. If you have performance issues, this will slow down all workflow runs. Make sure all recommendations are in place and your system is correctly tuned. You may need to stop workflow agents, change the system to be compliant with those recommendations, and start the workflow agent again, so that the system can continue processing the workflow queue.
  • Make sure you only have one workflow agent running with an open filter (no filter, no list of users). Having two or more workflow agents running with no filter criteria will likely slow down the process, since they might be competing for the same resources and records. See more information on our IBM TRIRIGA wiki page “When to Use Multiple Workflow Agents” (this recommendation is also included on our IBM TRIRIGA Best Practices for System Performance guide).

If adjusting your system to those recommendations does not help, you may try the following alternative way to handle this situation…

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