Setting up a high availability cluster with WebSphere Liberty

This wiki entry is provided as-is with no TRIRIGA warranty or support. It is intended to be used by IT professionals with years of experience in J2EE application server configuration, database configuration, web server configuration. This document is NOT intended to be a “basic” or “easy” to use guide, it is an advanced, CliffsNotes-style entry to point out tips and tricks to get a Liberty collective (elastic cluster) going. High availability (HA) is a complex configuration to set up, and it will vary from environment to environment. This is not designed to be a cookie-cutter step-by-step document, but rather a guide to show it is possible to setup and configure TRIRIGA with a HA application server and web server layer.

Setup and configuration of a TRIRIGA high availability cluster is not an easy task, and requires deep knowledge of session replication, how application servers communicate to other servers, and how IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform works in general. Please visit the reference materials at the end of this article, and try things in a test/dev environment so you have a good understanding of how things works. It is estimated that it could take a week or two of work to set up and understand this the first time. Please pace yourself, and re-read this wiki and other links multiple times.

Also know that this setup isn’t used to get better performance, but high availability. In some cases, high availability setups put a higher stress on the overall hardware and network, causing slower performance than without the HA setup in place. Here are the general steps used to setup a proof-of-concept TRIRIGA Liberty cluster setup…

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