Is there a way to encrypt the AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA?

Our customer wants to secure the confidential AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA. Do you know how the AutoCAD data is stored in TRIRIGA? In the database or in the file system? Are there any options to encrypt the AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA?

Generally, we store TRIRIGA data on the AutoCAD drawings, not the other way around. For example, we store a floor record ID on an attached drawing, and space record IDs on attached spaces, etc. We do not store any AutoCAD handles in TRIRIGA at all. The main exception is when publishing a drawing to TRIRIGA, in which case, we do store the DXF information in the TRIRIGA database. We also store a graphical representation of the publish drawing as binary data in BLOB fields in the database. We do store some information in a few database tables for bookkeeping purposes…

In general, this data is not easily accessible in TRIRIGA itself, requiring back-end database access instead. So any AutoCAD data we use is stored in the TRIRIGA database. I’m not really familiar with the encryption options here; you might want to inquire in the TRIRIGA Application Platform forum…

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