IV79701: Exporting BIRT reports to XLSX does not behave as expected

Our users have done some preliminary testing of platform for our upgrade project. When exporting reports, they have a problem when saving in certain formats (.xlsx is one), the file extension is not automatically added to the file name. Was this designed this way? Our users like consistency in how they export files. The older Excel format automatically adds the file extension.

In Report Manager, locate and run any BIRT report. Use the appropriate icon to export the report. The default is Excel. When you export, note that the file extension is there automatically (.xls). Try the same thing, but change the type from Excel (.xls) to Excel XLSX (.xlsx) and note that the file extension is not included. The customer encountered the issue in 3.4.2. The customer would like these to work the same way.

We needed to add a mapping to the correct file extension type for the ones that do work, and removed the option to export the file as “xlsx” and “xls_spudsoft”. The third party BIRT code has not yet released a fix for the export issue. 

An issue was fixed where some BIRT report export file options did not export with a file extension. In particular, the following file types that were not exporting properly will export with their appropriate file extension now: “odp”, “docx”, “ods”, “pptx”, and “odt”. In addition, the “xlsx” and “xls_spudsoft” file types have been removed. This is because the third party library which generates the exported files has not yet released a fix to resolve the issue where the exported file is corrupt when using these file types.

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