Having an issue with restricting the upload of certain file types

In the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file, I’m using the following variables to restrict .exe files from being uploaded to TRIRIGA: IMPORT_CONTENT_EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS and IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS. I want to “protect” Document Manager and Notes & Documents on the triWorkTask form from .exe files.

I tried to limit .exe files using the exclude extension only property, and even when I included “.exe”, it doesn’t stop that type of file from being uploaded. Then, I tried using the include extension property, setting it to accept only “.txt” files, but TRIRIGA still allows .exe files to be uploaded on Document Manager and the triWorkTask form. Has anyone tried to use that setting on Was it successful? Any advice to prevent TRIRIGA from uploading .exe files?

Please apply fix pack. This is caused by APAR IV82434.

[Admin: This post is related to the 07.18.15 post about using TRIRIGAWEB.properties to restrict certain file types from upload.]

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One thought on “Having an issue with restricting the upload of certain file types

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