IV80543: Install should warn if it detects bad characters in names

There have been issues reported when trying to install TRIRIGA with WebSphere in the cases where the following were present:

  • WebSphere cell/node names containing a dash (-) as a character
  • WebSphere cell/node names containing an underscore (_) as a character
  • WebSphere file path names containing any spaces

It would be helpful if the TRIRIGA installer could warn of cases like these and allow the user to correct these problems before proceeding with a TRIRIGA install and having it fail to work as expected.

As a temporary fix, avoid having dash and underscore characters in WebSphere node names and cell names, and avoid having spaces in WebSphere file path names if you are installing TRIRIGA together with WebSphere.

We needed to add a panel that checks to see if the cell/node/server names contain an underscore (_) or the path contains a space. The installer has been updated to prevent a TRIRIGA installation into a full WebSphere installation whose directory contains a space in the path, or whose cell, node, or server contains an underscore in its name. These configurations are not allowed. We will also update the Installation Guide, calling out the fact that full WebSphere must not be installed into a directory with a space, and to not use an underscore in the cell/node/server name.

[Admin: A similar article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal.]

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