FieldFLEX enters agreement with IBM to deliver mobile for TRIRIGA

FieldFLEX Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into a Software Remarketing Agreement with IBM to offer the FieldFLEX Mobile Platform for IBM TRIRIGA to their customer base.

Steve Lisle, VP Marketing & Business Development: “This agreement represents an important step for FieldFLEX to expand our global footprint. We are very excited to work closely with IBM to offer our mobile platform for TRIRIGA.” Details of the agreement can be viewed here. Customers interested in learning more about the FieldFLEX Mobile platform can email or contact their IBM or IBM Partner representatives.

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FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA® applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA IWMS to mobile devices

FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management processes, such as work task management, facility assessment, space management, workplace reservations, and asset management, to mobile users. FieldFLEX applications enable users to access and update critical TRIRIGA information in online and offline modes.

  • FieldFLEX Mobile Maintenance Services enables field technicians to manage TRIRIGA work task assignments for maintenance activities directly from their mobile devices…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Space Manager enables facility space managers to manage and audit space, allocation, occupancy, and asset information from a mobile device…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Inspections provides facility managers with a flexible framework to set up and conduct inspections in order to help maintain compliance with operational, safety, and other regulations…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Self-Service, which includes Service Requests, Reservations, and Maps components, brings the power of TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management to the mobile devices of the corporate user community…
  • FieldFLEX Kiosk brings the capabilities of FieldFLEX Maps to fixed-position kiosks to enable users to reserve space or meetings rooms on the spot…


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