Getting an error when changing tabs or running BIRT reports

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.4.2, we get an error when changing tabs or running BIRT reports. Specifically, we found that after logging in, we cannot change tabs on any forms (Lease Abstract, as an example). Instead, we see a message indicating: “This document you requested has moved temporarily” and it shows a very long HTTP… URL. It changed from HTTPS to HTTP. The same error message is encountered when attempting to run BIRT Reports.

This issue did not occur in Internet Explorer 11, but was seen in Firefox and Chrome. Under Firefox and Chrome, the issue is not encountered when going to the TRIRIGA application directly. It was only seen in an environment using SSO, SSL, and a web server. The cause was due to an Oracle WebLogic configuration issue. It was found that TRIRIGA 3.4.2 is using Mbean attributes. The issue is resolved by enabling this WebLogic setting:

MBean attribute: WebAppContainerMBean.WeblogicPluginEnabled

[Admin: This post is related to the 07.08.15 post about having issues with TRIRIGA tabs and BIRT reports after upgrade.]

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