Having an issue with CI causing negative square footage values

When using TRIRIGA CAD Integrator to create spaces, negative square footage values can occur. Navigate to a building or floor record, and click on the Area Measurement tab. If any of the square footage computations result in negative values, then you are seeing this issue.

There are several reasons this can occur, but the major reason this happens is because the underlying drawings have space polylines that overlap into other spaces. This causes the overlapping spaces to count an area of space more than once. The result is that the sum of the areas for the spaces is greater than the measured area for the floor. If the sum of the spaces exceeds the measured space area from the CAD tool for the floor, then you will see this issue.

To resolve the problem, review your drawings. You will need to check to see if there are any spaces where the polyline for that space intrudes into an adjacent space. This is more likely to occur when dealing with long corridors and unusually shaped spaces and may require zooming into an area to see the overlap.

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