Is there a way to list the spaces when using space assignments?

In TRIRIGA 10.4.2, while using the Space Manager to assign a person to a space, the graphic of the floor map is displayed, you select the respective space, and then you click on Assign Person. Unfortunately, the graphic view makes it very tedious to select a particular space. So, instead of having the graphic to display spaces on the floor map, is it possible to list the spaces? So that we could just select the space from a list, and then assign a person to that space?

In TRIRIGA 10.4.2, in the OOB Space Manager functionality, the floor map is the only way to select spaces. However, there is a list of spaces (i.e. a query section) used behind the scenes. The section is hidden on the form, but is used to drive data on the floor plan, such as the selected space’s association, which is then used in workflows for assignments. So, with some customization to the Space Manager form and some workflow tweaks, the hidden query (list) can be made visible and the floor plan section made not visible, so it uses a list rather than a floor plan for space selection…

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