Where can you find information about the IBM TRIRIGA licenses?

Can anyone please tell me where can I get the detailed information about the TRIRIGA licenses? Do you have any documentation that explains the license information on when and how we can use this license for users in a role or group. For example, the following link “License IDs and Names” explains just the license names, but it doesn’t explain the usage, like if we assign one license, what are the tabs or privileges that the user or group will get?

A copy of our license matrix that documents which license enables which object for a particular release, can be requested through support after it’s gone through legal approval.

[Admin: The IBM Knowledge Center also contains topics about TRIRIGA license files, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single centralized document or table that lists all of the licenses with all affected objects, forms, or integrations for all affected roles or groups. To see other related posts, use the License tag.]

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3 thoughts on “Where can you find information about the IBM TRIRIGA licenses?

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