UX: How do you edit the theme?

By default, global styling for all TRIRIGA UX applications exists in a file named “triplat-theme.html” which is automatically delivered and applied in the browser whenever a TRIRIGA UX application is loaded. In order to overwrite this theme file, application developers can deliver a custom “triplat-theme.html” file by creating a TRIRIGA UX Web View record named “triplat-theme”.

This “triplat-theme” Web View record may or may not already exist in your environment. You can navigate to “Tools > Web View Designer” to see if it exists. If “triplat-theme” already exists, you can download and modify it using WebViewSync, like you would with any other Web View record. Simply type the following command in whatever directory you’re using WebViewSync with for your TRIRIGA environment:

java -jar WebViewSync.jar addview -v triplat-theme

If “triplat-theme” does not exist, you will need to create a new Web View record called “triplat-theme” and upload your own “triplat-theme.html” into it.

  • 1. Navigate to “Tools > Web View Designer” and click “Add”.
  • 2. In the record form, set the Name, Exposed Name, and ID to “triplat-theme”.
  • 3. Upload your file (named “triplat-theme.html”) to this Web View.

All TRIRIGA UX applications will now load your triplat-theme.html file instead of the file that exists in the UX Framework.

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