How do you customize the Action Item section and Accept action?

I am trying to create a customized Action Item section, where we have used the WorkFlowActionItem form and the Accept action available on its state transition. But this action is not able to produce the same result as the system Accept action available on the OOB Action Item. I would like to know how I can use OOB system Accept action on my customized Action Item section. Or could you please help me understand the issue I am facing with the Accept action on the state transition?

Just an FYI: When we accept the action item using the OOB Accept button, the status for the action item is getting updated for the action item available in both the OOB and customized section (Assigned to Accepted). But at the same time, when we use the Accept button on the WorkFlowActionItem form, it just updates the status for the customized Action Item section, but not for the OOB Action Item section. (An action item in the section means that it is a result of the query we have for the section.)

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