ValuD announces partnership with Motors@Work in IoT energy

ValuD Consulting (, a leading Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE/FM) technology strategy and IBM service provider, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Motors@Work™ (, a pioneer in motor and pump-driven system energy optimization with a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that more than $800 billion is spent annually on energy to power motor driven assets. Motors@Work™ leverages patent-pending technology to optimize motors and pumps based on multiple factors including: motor/pump type, energy usage, cost of energy and weather data. Clients who have utilized Motors@Work’s™ cloud-based suite of tools have realized savings of 15% or more of their annual motor energy spend and have reached a return on their investment in as little as ten days…

As a part of its relationship with Motors@Work™, ValuD will provide marketing, sales, product development, support and implementation services. ValuD will leverage its expertise to build tight integrations from Motors@Work™ to IBM TRIRIGA, Maximo, and other Asset/Service delivery platforms so users of those systems can maximize their return on investment…

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.25.16 post by ValuD about motor efficiency with Motors@Work, and the 04.26.16 post by ValuD about its partnership with Motors@Work.]

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3 thoughts on “ValuD announces partnership with Motors@Work in IoT energy

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