IV81476: Cost code hierarchy tree is not built on multiple servers

Upon the creation of a project, there is a custom workflow which creates the cost code structure for the project. But upon completion of the workflow, it seems that only the cost code records are created, not the tree view. It is happening only in the app server, since the cost code records and its tree view are created correctly in the process server. We confirmed that all of the settings are the same as other servers in the UAT environment (APP1, PRC1, APP2, PRC2).

So we are wondering, what could be the cause of the tree view failure in the app server? It is reproducible in the multiple server environment, and it is always the system user as it is part of the offline process. We didn’t have this issue in the dev environment and it is running in single server.

As a temporary fix, you can manually flush the Hierarchy Tree Data through the Admin Console of each server. The customTask: ClearCacheAndRebuildHierarchyTree needs to update the cache globally across all servers. We have created a new clear cache event. The caller of this new event is the custom task: com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.18.15 post and 04.17.15 post about rebuilding the hierarchy tree cache.]

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